Volví a promocionar mi instancia entre amigos. Si nadie se une después de un día sin Facebook voy a tener que promocionar mas agresivamente.

Por ejemplo: pizza gratis cada 10 toots (aplican terminos y condiciones).

I'd love to have the time and knowledge to self host things.

I wish I had considered Element/Matrix as an option before moving people from WhatsApp to Signal with me.

I am a bit tired of crypto subreddits.

"When moon?"
"Do you think Eth will hit 20k by tomorrow's afternoon?"
"Just sold an open package of rice to buy more"

We need a clear separation between meme/fun, prices discussion and technologies/educational subreddits. Or maybe I am wrong and I need to move to another platform 🥺

"Troi, estás en el medio del camino"
"Que camino? Yo no veo ningún camino"


Todos los días deberían ser día de siesta.

Buenas tardes.

Crema pastelera > dulce de leche.



Started building my new PC yesterday. I found out (the hard way) that the cooler I have is AM2 socket and not the AM4 I needed. New one will arrive tomorrow. [Insert Chika sad emote everyone has here]

Tal vez mañana arme la PC nueva. Paja que aún no haya llegado la GPU.

Que lindo despertarse 11:30 ☺️
Que malo despertarse 10 veces durante la noche y no poder dormir 😒

One of those things I wish I could experience again for the first time.

Fighting to retain control, your thoughts turn towards the ancient mystic lands of the Far East. Perhaps there, beyond the desolate waste of Aranoch you will find an answer, or perhaps, salvation.

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